After cataract surgery, I had severe dry eye as I had worn contacts for over 25 years. Ophthalmologists were too busy for follow up. Researching, I discovered Dr. Madan who was understanding and so knowledgeable. It has been a long year and dedication following her advice. I’m now 90% dry eye free but still need to stay on top which is manageable. Thank you Dr. Madan for being there and getting me through this.


Dr. Madan took genuine interest in me as I experienced yesterday, a no rush approach that is practically non existent among most of the doctors in Canada. She is very, knowledgeable with great office manners. Very caring and sensitive, she is a true and unique professional.

Atmajeet J.

Dr Madan is very thorough and knowledgeable about my dry eye problem. She explained everything for me and let me know all my treatment options. I am working through those options with her and hope to get some relief.

Faye K.

Where can you find a physician with a beautiful , kind, great listener and knowledgeable in these days? She is so sweet and very patience and a beautiful person. If you see her you forgot what is the reason you are here because she made you so comfortable . God bless her heart. Thank you Dr. Madan. You are the Best!

Jessie L.

Dr.Madan’s PRP treatment has saved my vision and my mental health. I was suffering from severe dry eye syndrome for quite some time until I was referred to Dr. Madan for PRP Treatment! I am so thankful and amazed by the results because I can now enjoy watching movies without rubbing my eyes constantly due to dryness and itchiness. I couldn’t even sleep well at night because my eyes are always so dry and I had to wake up in the middle of the night to take eye drops. But with PRP treatment, I can finally sleep well 🙂

Annie C.

Dr. Madan is knowledgeable and professional. Her examinations are thorough and she orders pre-tests well in advance of her appointments.

Henry R.