If you are not finding relief from your dry eye treatments, consider MYE Drop: Personalized PRP Therapy.

What Is MYE Drop: Personalized PRP Therapy?

– MYE Drop are biological eye drops made from the patient’s own blood.

– Our blood contains platelets which are rich in healing growth factors, cytokines, albumin and several natural vitamins.

– These factors promote healing of damaged tissue, thus improving signs and symptoms of dry eyes.

– PRP drops are completely natural, they do not contain any preservatives, additives or stabilizers.

How Is MYE Drop: Personalized PRP Therapy Made?

– A medical laboratory professional will draw a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm. Blood is centrifuged using a specific protocol to separate blood components and make MYE Drop.

– MYE Drop contains high concentration of platelets suspended in plasma.

– This process takes 45 minutes.

How is MYE Drop: Personalized PRP Therapy Used?

– Patients will typically use 1 drop, 4 times a day in the affected eye(s) for 3 months (or as directed by your doctor).

– MYE drop can be used as monotherapy or in conjunction with other dry eye therapies.

What Is the Difference Between Autologous Serum (AS) and MYE Drop: PRP Therapy?

– Although AS and PRP are both blood-based products, PRP is superior to autologous serum because of its richer concentration of growth factors and other platelet-derived factors.

– The crucial difference between the two products is that AS does not contain platelets because they are eliminated during the process of making AS.

– In contrast, PRP contains two-and-a-half to eight times the concentration of platelets found in whole blood.

– Platelets function like tiny power houses for healing because they contain the growth factors needed for tissue recovery.

– Eliminating platelets significantly lowers the level of growth factors in AS compared to the levels found in PRP.

– Research has also suggested that PRP therapy can help restore the ocular surface through

more potent proliferative and anti-inflammatory effects than observed with autologous or allogeneic serum tears.

How can you obtain MYE Drop: Personalized PRP Therapy

– Talk to your eye doctor to see if you are a candidate for MYE Drop.

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MYE Drop: Personalized PRP Therapy contains growth factors and vitamins found in healthy tears to naturally promote healing of the eye surface, improving signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.

85% of Patients Report An Improvement In Their Dry Eye Symptoms with PRP Therapy.

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